Seasons of Hartford

Seasons of Hartford

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Hartford, Connecticut

Affordable Housing

The Seasons of Hartford is a newly constructed HUD Section 202 multifamily facility for low-income elderly housing located in Hartford, Connecticut. It is a four story steel frame structure with a brick veneer that contains approximately 37,684 of floor area and has a building footprint of approximately 8,744 square feet.

Forty one-bedroom units have been created for senior residents, and a two bedroom unit for a live-in resident manager has been located on the first floor. All one-bedroom apartments are approximately 540 square feet in area and are designed as visitable for persons with disabilities.

The overriding priority in the design of this facility is to provide barrier-free access and the opportunity for residents to age in place. Although five percent of the units have been initially designed as accessible to disabled persons, all one-bedroom units have been designed to be adaptable for various types of disabilities (including wheelchair usage and sight and hearing impairments). Hardware selections and door location take into consideration the aging process.

The units have been sized to provide sufficient space for services to be delivered in the home. The interior colors chosen are friendly and inviting to the aging eye, signs have a high contrast ratio, and glare has been reduced by using non-reflective materials on the floor and wall surfaces.

The community areas are designed to encourage and provide various opportunities for social interaction and recreation by the residents. The parking lot is gated securing the rear entrance creating a single point of entry for visitors. The administrative offices, security control point, mailboxes, and a lobby sitting area have been located adjacent to the main entrance for common access and high visibility. The common areas have been planned to accommodate additional resident support services with minimal alterations. This project has been designed to comply with the State of Connecticut Building and Fire Codes and the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Amendments, Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act, where appropriate.